Aruna Put Under House Arrest In Jubilee Hills Residence

Hyderabad, Nov.9 (Maxim News): BJP leader and former minister DK Aruna was put under house arrest by the police today at her Jubilee Hills residence here. The arrest of Aruna was made to prevent her from joining the Chalo tank bund protest by RTC JAC in support of 36th day long strike.

Talking to the media, Aruna lashed out at Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao for offering dictatorial rule and using police force against striking RTC workers. The TRS government used police force as it afraid of people’s revolt and workers protest against their rights, she said, adding that the arrests will not prevent the million March like protests.

The RTC JAC Million March protest by huge number of workers and their families on Tank Bund was a huge success, she added. (Maxim News)

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