Arvind Kumar inspects Clock Towers in city, orders immediate repairs & renovation

Hyderabad, Feb.13 (Maxim News): MA&UD Principal Secretary Arvind Kumar today asked the GHMC officials to firm up plans for taking up restoration and renovation of 12 clocks in the historic towers in the city.

Arvind Kumar visited Shalibanda, Sultan Bazaar and Monda Market and personally observed the condition of the clocks and the structures and directed the officials to take up restoration works. During his visit to Shalibanda, Arvind Kumar observed that the structure was in a dilapidated condition and the clock on both sides of the gateway was not working. He also asked the GHMC officials to immediately take up repairs of the clocks and ensure maintenance.

Later, the Principal Secretary visited the Clock Tower at Sultan Bazaar. It was observed that the clock was not in working condition and the tower was in a dilapidated condition. As there was no maintenance since a long, encroachments towards the main road were seen. He also directed the officials to prepare a restoration plan, which include repair of the clock, compound wall on all the four sides, painting and lighting. “Trees have to be trimmed for better visibility. Encroachments have to be cleared. Take up repair works to the old Assembly hall on the premises of the Sultan bazaar government high school.

At Monda market, the Principal secretary went inside the first floor of the building where the clock was fixed. He asked the officials to take up repairs of the clock, which was not working. He also went round the old jail khana and directed the Zonal Commissioner to convene a meeting with the local shopkeepers and take up minimum repairs with the cooperation of the local community.

Chief Engineer Ziayuddin and Director Heritage Srinivas were present. (Maxim News)

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