BJP Reforms to Change Shape of Country

Hyderabad, March 27: There is every possibility of Hyderabad becoming the second Capital of India. Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad will flourish and the real estate boom will be back once again. TRS will have a bright future and win all the elections. The foundations of Bharatiya Janatha Party will strengthen and the new reforms to be brought- in will change the very shape of the country. High alert will be declared in the country. In Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP will win the local body elections with thumping majority.

These are some of the predictions made by the World top Astrologer. Mahaa mahopadhyaya and Sri Kalahasthiswara Swamy Devasthanam Siddhanthi Pandit Mulugu Ramalinmgeswar aVara Prasad, in his Sri Sharvari nama Samvathasara Panchangam (almanac). The Telugu new year was ushered-in on March 25. The Siddhanti had the credit of correctly predicting some of the important event every year. Last year, he had correctly predicted the thunderous victory of YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh and it’s coming to power. He also predicted that YSRCP will get highest number of Lok Sabha seats also. Another forecast of his which proved correct was the TRS victory in Telangana and K Chandrasekhar Rao becoming the Chief Minister once again. Yet another prediction he made was that a clear- cut Judgment will come out in the Rama Janmabhoomi case. England Cricket Team Getting world fame; set-back to Team India due to over confidence, Agri-Gold victims getting some relief after June 2019; high cost of Gold; ISIS atrocities world-wide and blood bath; Tensions on Indian borders; Indian army gaining the increased affection of people; increase in drug culture were among his other predictions that proved correct.

Coming back to predictions for the new year: The Siddhanthi has predicted, among other things, that Hindutva slogan will get strengthened; Common Civil Code will come into force; New chapter in Jammu and Kashmir, and favourable atmosphere; possibility of communal riots in some places; possibility of violence taking place in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar; Real Estate boom once again in Krishna and Guntur Districts; Rain and flood havoc in Uttaranchal, Uttharakhand, West Bengal, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh; unabated adulteration in food stuffs, continuity of kidnaps era, incidence of Suicide, murder and suspected murders to continue; Bad period for China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, Natural calamities like earth quake and floods in USA; Greece to face worst situation; exploitation in Education, Medicine and Liquor businesses; Indonesia to face Tsunami treat again; and terrorist groups prompted by Pakisthan to create large scale violence in the country. (Maxim News)

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