CM KCR, Asaduddin Owaisi Are Misleading On Reconstruction Of Masjids

Hyderabad, Sept.5 (Maxim News): Former minister Mohammed Ali Shabbir alleged that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao and MIM President Asaduddin Owaisi were misleading the people by making another fake promise of re-constructing two Mosques and one temple at the same in the Secretariat premises.

Reacting to the meeting the Chief Minister had with Muslim leaders at Pragathi Bhavan on Saturday, Shabbir Ali said that the meeting was just an eyewash and an attempt to dilute the ongoing protest against the demolition of two mosques and one temple in the Secretariat. “The drama of CM’s meeting with Muslim leaders was enacted by Asaduddin Owaisi to buy some more time so that the ongoing agitation could be diluted. Two mosques and one temple were demolished on 7-8th of July and the Chief Minister issued a statement on 10th July expressing regret. He had issued a false statement that some damage occurred to places of worship as some debris of other buildings which were demolished fell on them. But all three places of worship were razed to the ground which was later admitted in the High Court by the government. CM KCR remained silent on the issue till today and did not react to the various demands raised by the Congress party and other organisations,” he said.

He said that the Chief Minister was a habitual liar and he has cheated the Muslim community repeatedly with the same tactics. “What happened to the promise of giving 12% reservation to Muslims in jobs and education? He has made a similar promise of re-constructing Ek Khana Masjid in Amberpet at the same place. But he did not honour the promise even after one year. This time too, CM KCR is misleading the people. If he was really apologetic for demolition of two mosques and a temple then he would have ordered their reconstruction on 10th July itself. However, he razed the places of worship to the ground and did not even allow anyone to see them. If he is really honest towards their reconstruction, then he should lay the foundation stones before proceeding for the Assembly session on September 7,” he said.

The Congress leader strongly condemned Asaduddin Owaisi for working against the interest of Muslim community. “He opposed the agitation against demolition of Secretariat mosques by Congress and other organisations. He prevented All India Muslim Personal Board from taking up the issue and made the Board members set a 15-day deadline. Now he is claiming that the Chief Minister would lay the foundation stone for re-construction of mosques in the first or second week of October. He is just trying to buy time for the Chief Minister to facilitate a smooth Assembly session. We can neither trust CM KCR nor Owaisi. Both of them have a rich history of cheating the people with fake promises and false assurances,” he said.

Shabbir Ali demanded that the Chief Minister place the design of the new Secretariat in the public domain and clearly identify the locations where two mosques and one temple would be re-constructed. There is no valid reason to wait for one month for the foundation stone laying ceremony for re-construction. Therefore, the re-construction should begin immediately without any delay. Further, the State Government should specify as to what happened to the copies of Holy Quran, prayer mats and other material of Masjid-e-Moatamadi and Masjid Hashmi which were demolished.

He also demanded that the State Government should permit the religious leaders to visit the Secretariat premises to check the present status. “If CM KCR is really serious on re-construction, then he should not have any objection to such a visit,” he said (Maxim News)

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