Congress Condemns Feroz Khan’s Remarks on Old City Muslims

Hyderabad, January 2: Hyderabad City Congress Committee (HCCC) Minorities Department Chairman Sameer Waliullah has strongly condemned Congress Nampally Incharge Feroz Khan’s Remarks against the Muslims of Old City and described them as his personal views and not connected with the party’s ideology.

Feroz Khan, in an interview with a local news channel, has made highly objectionable remarks against the Muslims living in the Old City of Hyderabad. We would like to make it clear that those remarks were his personal views and it has nothing to do with the Congress party or any other leaders. He is apparently trying to join the BJP (which he mentioned on more than one occasion during the interviews) and made such remarks only to please the BJP leaders. We have requested the TPCC Disciplinary Committee to take stern action against him by expelling him from the Congress party,” Sameer Waliullah said in a media statement on Friday.

Sameer Waliullah said that Feroz Khan was not authorised to speak on behalf of the party on policy matters. Although the Congress party gives freedom to its leaders to raise public issues, not everyone is authorised to give policy statements. “Feroz Khan has crossed all the limits and made highly objectionable remarks only to make his interview more sensational. Muslims, living in the Old City of Hyderabad or any other part of the country, are true patriots and they don’t need the certificate of nationalism either from the BJP or people like Feroz Khan who is desperate to join the Saffron Brigade. Therefore, we strongly condemn his statement and demand that the High Command take immediate action against him,” he said.

Feroz Khan or any leader is free to join BJP or any other party. But they are not authorized to make controversial statements by staying with the Congress party to please the BJP leadership to increase their ranks,” he said. He also demanded that Feroz Khan should immediately apologise with the Muslims for his controversial remarks.

He said that the Congress party believes in secularism and unlike BJP and RSS, it never questions or suspects the patriotism of any Indian based on his/her religion. Therefore, by questioning the nationalism of Muslims living in the Old City, Feroz Khan has consented with the BJP-RSS ideology and Congress will get rid of such elements soon, he said.

“As a true Muslim, I cannot tolerate any remarks against Islam and Muslims. Similarly, as an Indian, I will not tolerate any statement or action that hurts the interest of my country. India is a secular country and we will not allow any politician to incite communal hatred to make some political gains,” he said adding that the party High Command (AICC & TPCC) should take immediate action against Feroz Khan by expelling him from the party for spreading communal hatred and mis-representing Congress party.

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