Cyberabad Cops Launch “Nighanetram”

Cyberabad Cops Launch “Nighanetram”

Hyderabad, May 20 (Maxim News): Cyberabad Police have started a special drive called “Nighanetram” and partnered with Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) to make the project successful by getting maximum donations from all the establishments under 80 G Tax Exemption.

In response to the call, the CGI donated Rs 25.87 lakh to Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar, IPS. CGI supports Cyberabad police, Telangana Police Department in Cyberabad IT Corridor by taking up the Maintenance of the existing CCTV Network of 150 Cameras under CSR – Community Surveillance Activity.

“The CCTV cameras will help support solving cases in the shortest amount of time”, Sajjanar said, adding in just 13 months, “We have installed more than 75,000 cameras and we need another one lakh to bring the entire Cyberabad under Nighanetram. “We thank the CGI team for supporting us in our endeavours in creating a safe and secure Cyberabad and look forward for more participation from them.

Krishna Yedula, General Secretary of SCSC, thanked CGI and said it is a good note that Corporates coming forward and taking part in Community Safety and Security and helping the Police to establish a Safe and Secure Cyberabad.

“Security is a top priority for IT companies and CGI wants to ensure that this is applied not just in our operations, but also in our communities,” said George Mattackal, President of CGI’s Asia Pacific Global Delivery Centers of Excellence. “As part of our commitment to improve the social well-being of the communities in which we live and work, we want to contribute in creating an environment, through our expertise in IT infrastructure, where citizens are able to feel secure.”

CGI partnered with Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC), a joint collaboration between Cyberabad Police and IT Industry that promotes safety of citizens, to maintain 150 CCTV surveillance cameras in Cyberabad, a technology hub in Hyd, India which houses IT companies.

The focus of the project is to promote safety of women through surveillance IT infrastructure and drive awareness on personal safety and security. It also supports the Government of Telangana’s objective of setting up an Integrated Command Control Centre connected to a city-wide CCTV surveillance system. The centre is set up to handle emergencies, crisis and disaster management efforts, and support the objective of making Cyberabad a safe city and world class IT destination.

As part of the partnership, CGI will shoulder the maintenance of the CCTV cameras, with their professionals conducting training and workshops to help the centre in adopting the latest technology and surveillance techniques to facilitate the effective implementation of the project. (Maxim News)

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