Hyderabad Hopes 2019, photo competition for children announced

Hyderabad, Jan 22 (Maxim News): Challenging the young talented artists to showcase their work and their love for the city, Liberate – a yoga studio for women is organizing a competition for kids.

Hyderabad Hopes 2019 is a Photography Competition & Exhibition showcasing Children’s perspective towards a brand-new outlook for Hyderabad this new year. Children today are hooked on to gadgets. Clicking selfies, taking photographs seems to be a favorite hobby for youngsters. Gadget geeks, tech-savvy, the indoor generation- that’s what today’s children are. Most parents today complaint of their child’s addiction to gadgets, but the interest of the child towards technology is profound. Technology is here to stay, it is undoubtedly getting bigger and better. So instead of totally curbing the use of technology or gadgets by kids and disregarding their interest, why not channelize it productively?

‘Hyderabad Hopes 2019’ is an attempt to channelize the interest of kids, of the age 9 to 14 years, towards showcasing their photography skills. Be it the heritage, monuments of Hyderabad, its serene lakes, or what has been seen in another part of the world, but felt a hope for its presence in Hyderabad, the green cover or emotions of our beautiful Hyderabadis – whatever that is wished/hoped for, the child has to capture it through the camera. A maximum of 3 such photographs, with a one-line caption for each starting– “I hope Hyderabad has….” has to be submitted online at https://www.liberatetdu.com/utsaaha along with consent of the parent and a registration fee of Rs. 200. Last date to send entries is January 31st 2019.

In pursuit of their Hope for Hyderabad, the kids get an opportunity to kindle their thought process, put forward the best of their photography skills, build a bond with their city, a chance to showcase their photographs in an exhibition and a possibility to win Rs. 10, 000 worth gift vouchers. Above all through their photographs – they get to create powerful visual stimuli that can provide direction and inspire action by many.

For any queries related to the contest you can reach us at 7893944788 or 8019694594 liberatetdu@gmail.com (maxim news)

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