IIIT-H Launches SRIP For Engineering Students

Hyderabad, April 25 (Maxim News): IIIT Hyderabad has launched a Student Remote Internship Program (SRIP) for engineering students to enhance their employability skills. Students will get to work on live open-source-projects bridging the gap between academic learning and its application in industry.

They will be mentored to use industry relevant technologies while contributing to open source repositories. SRIP allows the flexibility to work any time and anywhere while building self-confidence and problem solving skills.

During the six-week program, students will receive hands-on experience in JavaScript, Python, Java, GitHub/GitLab, Linux and other technologies that are relevant to industry spanning various business domains. They will work on software engineering practices and methodologies.

Prof. Venkatesh Chopella, Associate Professor, IIIT-H said, “Software Engineering Research Centre of IIIT Hyderabad is proud to launch the Student Remote Internship Program (SRIP). The program will tap the vast potential of Indian students to contribute to open source projects as well as understand and experience how open source software is built. SRIP is a pioneering step to combining education with societal contribution using information technology”.

Selection is on first-come-first-served basis. The last date of receipt of application is April 30. More information will be available at https://www.iiit.ac.in/srip/ (Maxim News)

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