IJU Condemns Shutdown Of Internet Services In Tripura

IJU Strongly Condemned The Sacking Of Hundreds Of Working Journalists By Big Media Chains

Hyderabad, Dec.10 (Maxim News): The Indian Journalists Union (IJU) protested against the shutdown of internet services for 48 hours beginning from Tuesday afternoon in Tripura affecting publication of newspapers, functioning of electronic media and dissemination of news from the State to news outlets in other parts of the country in view of the agitation in some parts of the State against Citizenship Amendment Bill.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, IJU president K Sreenivas Reddy, secretary general and Press Council member Balwinder Singh said the internet shutdown in Tripura was affecting news coverage in the State amounted to unreasonable restrictions on the freedom of the press.

“Extending curbs on the media usage of internet in no way helps the State administration to curb rumor-mongering and inciting spread of ongoing agitation in some parts of Tripura. On the other hand, it helps spread false and fabricated news in absence of calibrated and ethical reporting on the happenings in the state”, the statement said.

The IJU leaders demanded that the internet curbs on media and media personnel be lifted in Tripura in the interest of democracy and freedom of press. (Maxim News)

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