Jana Sena To Take Middle Path In Politics: Pawan

Pawan Kalyan Wishes People Of Telangana

Jana Sena supremo Pawan Kalyan said that in the present day Indian politics, a middle path is necessary and Jana Sena is such a middle path. Addressing the activists from Prakasam district here on Saturday, Pawan said that a common theory which unites all people is the need of hour and the seven principles of Jana Sena is that common theory.

“People told me that it needs Rs 2,000 crore to contest elections and every party is ready to spend such huge amount,” he said and added that he did not believe in spending money in the elections. Kanshi Ram was inspiration since he proved that money was not necessary to contest elections, he said.

He said that he started Jana Sena party since no party has any ideology these days. “In spite of the adverse conditions, I founded the party,” he added.

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