Jeevan: KCR Blaming Rev Dept To Escape From His Faults

Congress Slams KCR For Taking Credit On Kaleshwaram Project

Hyderabad, April 19 (Maxim News): Congress Party MLC T. Jeevan Reddy asked Chief Minister K. Chandrasekar Rao if he was not one who heaped lavish praises on revenue employees of state for completing land reforms successfully in state. He said that KCR had also given one month salary as bonus to the revenue employees for their work.

Addressing media persons in Jagitial, he said that he was happy that the CM had finally realised that no government work was being done in the state without the payment of bribes. He asked the CM weather the existing government was not responsible for increase in corruption in the state. He alleged that KCR was talking about removing the entire revenue department as he realised the fact that the people of the state were unhappy with his rule and added that the CM was now trying to throw the blame on the revenue department to escape from his faults. Reddy said that there was a need for a change in the thinking process of the CM.

He said that the abolition of the housing department had stalled all the works related to construction of houses in the state. He said that the government machinery would change only when there was a change in the attitude of the politicians.(Maxim News)

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