Kadiyam wants job-oriented courses in colleges; Appoints Ajay Mishra panel to study

Hyderabad: “Ultimate aim of Degree courses should be to provide jobs and employment opportunities to the students,” Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srihari said here on Monday.

Speaking to Journos, the Dy CM (Education) Kadiyam Srihari said the government would shift its focus on encouraging the courses in degree residential colleges that will provide them jobs and employment opportunities. Directing the officials concerned to take immediate measures in this regard, Srihari said a committee to be headed by special chief secretary Ajay Mishra is constituted in this regard.

The committee was directed to conduct a feasibility study on other courses, which can provide jobs like agriculture related, veterinary, nursing and IT related. Ajay Mishra committee will come up with suitable recommendations and whether to introduce these courses in the existing women residential colleges or need to set up separate colleges, he said. Kadiyam Srihari emphasized the need for introducing job-oriented courses and professional courses with necessary training he said. Efficient plan and efforts in that direction will sure prove handy to offer more number of hobs and employment opportunities, Srihari said.

The study circles to be headed by IAS officials should be in a position to offer required coaching for IAS and also for national level and state level competitive examinations Srihari said and asked a report of steps in 15 days.

During a meeting with ministers Jogu Ramanna, G Jagadish Reddy, Chandulal and officials Srihari asked to set up women residential degree colleges for SC, STs at all revenue divisions and one each at the district headquarters for those villages with Tribal population. The officials should plan out and take immediate steps. He sought steps for providing the best facilities and maintaining same menu with non vegetarian food on every Sunday, common Calender in all hostels and residential colleges we need to improve health facility by providing every student with a health kit, he said. Stressing the need for strengthening the study circles Srihari said that IAS officials will be appointed as directors to head them.

The meeting favoured to provide common menu and facilities at all residential colleges. Since Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has increased mess charges to better extent menus with proper food and diet should be maintained and health kits be offered from the coming academic year with all facilities in the colleges coming up and those started last year, he said.

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