KCR Ruling Like Ex-Nizam, Send Him Home: Yogi

Hyderabad, April 7 (Maxim News): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday alleged that the TRS party rule in the State resembled to the erstwhile Nizam’s rule in the State. Yogi also said there was an urgent need to send CM KCR home in the State.

Speaking at a public meeting in Peddapalli, Yogi said the Centre had reopened the defunct FCI by spending Rs 5,500 crore. He alleged that the political parties like the Congress and TRS were aligning with the communal parties and harming the interests of the nation. Alleging that the AIMIM party has become a threat to the nation and country men, the UP Chief Minister explained to the voters that their vote in favour of Congress party would go to the traitors of the country. He also alleged that the ruling TRS and the MIM parties were trying to provide 12% reservation to Muslim minorities in order to cause unrest in the country. (Maxim News)

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