Lack Of Liquor Causes Mental Problems In Boozers From City

Unidentified Persons Stolen Liquor Bottles From A Wine Shop

Hyderabad, March 30 (Maxim News): The non availability of liquor in the market due to the ongoing lockdown in the city is causing so many problems including mental problems to regular boozers. The boozers are behaving in a strange manner due to the non consumption of liquor. Some have even tried to commit suicide in the state. According to a figure five people have attempted to commit the suicide in the state so far. On the other hand, the city based mental hospital is receiving more number of cases related to people suffering from mentally due to lack of alcohol.

The superintendent of Erragadda mental hospital Dr. Uma Shankar has said that they had received 100 cases of people suffering from the mental ailments due to lack of alcohol in the market on Monday alone. He said that the cases had gone up at their hospital since the last four days. He said that some patients were causing injuries to self as they could not the liquor in the City. (Maxim News)

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