Maha State Haj Committee Team Visits City

Maha State Haj Committee Team Visits City

Hyderabad, June 10 (Maxim News): Mohammed Masiullah Khan, Chairman, Telangana State Haj Committee and Mohammed Abdul Waheed, IFS, Executive Officer, welcomed the Chairman and officials from Maharashtra State Haj Committee in view of the meeting for arrangements to be made for the Haj pilgrims of Nanded and Latur proceeding from Hyderabad Embarkation point for Haj-2019. Some 168 Haj pilgrims from Maharashtra State will be proceeding from Hyderabad Embarkation point.

Jamal Siddiqui, Imtiyaz Kazi, Gafar Magdum, Zubair Ahmed and others from Maharashtra State Haj committee attended the meeting. Mohammed Abdul Waheed explained about all the arrangements being made during the Haj Camp Operations, Hyderabad Embarkation Point at Haj House. He also briefed about the facilities being provided to the Haj Pilgrims at Hyderabad Embarkation Point through computerized presentation.

Mohammed Masiullah Khan said the Hyderabad Embarkation Point has been listed on the top among the Indian States in providing the best of the facilities to the Haj Pilgrims. He also assured that the Haj Pilgrims of Maharashtra State proceeding from Hyderabad Embarkation Point will also be even the best of the services and separate accommodation will be provided to the relatives accompanying the Haj pilgrims at Hyderabad.

Chairman Maharashtra State Haj Committee has requested the Telangana State Haj Committee to provide best services to the Haj Pilgrims of Maharashtra State and also informed that the Maharashtra State Haj Committee will coordinate with the Telangana State Haj Committee in all the possible manners.

Irfan Shareef, Asst. Executive Officer, Telangana State Haj Committee and its Members, Mohammed Saleem MLC, Chairman, Telangana State Waqf Board, Md Abdul Shaffi, Dr. Aqueel Hashmi, Md Arifuddin, Md Amjad Ali Abu Talha were also present. (Maxim News)

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