Make Congress ‘Jana Jatara Sabha’ a Grand Success: Congress

Hyderabad, April 3: Hyderabad, April 3: Irrigation Minister N. Uttam Kumar Reddy informed that elaborate arrangements were being made for the ‘Jana Jatara Sabha‘ organized by the Congress party in Tukkuguda on April 6.

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Addressing a press conference at Suryapet on Wednesday, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the Congress party would not only launch its election campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from the massive public meeting in Tukkuguda but also unveil its manifesto for the forthcoming elections. He mentioned that the public meeting would be addressed by senior Congress leaders including Rahul Gandhi, and AICC President Mallikarjun Kharge among others.

He appealed to Congress workers, fans, and sympathizers to participate in the Jana Jatara Sabha at Tukkuguda on April 6 in large numbers. He stated that over 50,000 workers from the Nalgonda parliamentary constituency would participate in the meeting, and suitable arrangements were being made for the same. He added that he had held several meetings with the DCC Presidents, MLAs, and contested candidates in the Nalgonda Lok Sabha constituencies to ensure the participation of more than 50,000 Congress activists and sympathizers in the meeting.

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Uttam Kumar Reddy emphasized the high importance of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He expressed concerns about the state of democracy under BJP rule, stating that what had been preserved for over 75 years was now at risk under the BJP Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He highlighted that parliamentary democracy was in danger, with attacks on fundamental rights, democratic procedures, systems, and principles. He pointed out that all pillars of democracy had been damaged under the Modi regime. Democratic systems had been loosened, parliamentary systems weakened, and the media influenced. He criticized the targeting of opposition leaders by central agencies like ED, CBI, and IT without any basis, stating that if Modi returned to power, free and fair democracy would be in danger.

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Uttam Kumar Reddy stated that the Congress party, which had fought for the country’s independence, established democratic systems, and eradicated poverty and hunger, was now being harassed, with its bank accounts being frozen to create hurdles for the campaign. He stressed that this attack was not only on Congress but the entire country and all those who believe in democracy. He asserted that democracy could be saved only by defeating the BJP.

He mentioned that the Tukkuguda meeting would be historic, where Congress leaders would unveil the agenda and plan to protect democracy and ensure the growth of all communities.

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Uttam Kumar Reddy criticized the BJP’s governance over the past decade, asserting that no substantial changes had occurred. He accused the BJP of fostering communal divisions for political advantage, particularly through Hindu-Muslim politics, which disproportionately affected the common people, especially the poor and middle classes. He highlighted persistent issues such as rising inflation, housing shortages, unemployment, and agricultural challenges, which he claimed remained unaddressed under BJP rule. According to Uttam Kumar Reddy, the BJP failed to uphold justice for any segment of society.

He denounced the BJP’s unfulfilled promises, citing examples such as Prime Minister Modi’s pledge to create two crore jobs annually. Reddy contended that not only did the promised jobs fail to materialize, but existing employment opportunities dwindled during Modi’s tenure. Similarly, the BJP’s vow to double farmers’ income allegedly resulted in further financial strain for farmers, with the promised Minimum Support Price (MSP) legislation never materializing. He criticized the BJP for failing to deliver on commitments such as providing housing for all by 2022, particularly noting the absence of housing initiatives in Telangana.

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Uttam Kumar Reddy further lamented the unfulfilled promises made to Telangana under the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act. He pointed out specific pledges, including the establishment of a Railway Coach Factory at Qazipet, a steel factory at Bayyaram, and a tribal university, which he claimed remained unimplemented in Telangana despite being realized in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, Uttam Kumar Reddy criticized the cancellation of the Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR), sanctioned by the previous Congress-led UPA Government, which he argued would have created significant job opportunities in Hyderabad and surrounding areas. Consequently, he asserted that the BJP’s contribution to Telangana’s formation and development was negligible.

The Minister asserted that the BRS party was not a major contender in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He expressed confidence in the Congress party’s performance, predicting victory in approximately 13-14 Lok Sabha seats. He confidently stated that the Congress would secure a significant majority in the Nalgonda seat.

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He informed that the State Government was establishing 7,149 procurement centers across Telangana to purchase paddy, ensuring that the entire paddy would be procured at the Minimum Support Price (MSP). He emphasized that severe punishment awaited anyone attempting to buy a single grain below the MSP.

He criticized the former Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao for resorting to falsehoods to target the Congress Government over power and water supply. Reddy highlighted that the Congress Government had ensured 24-hour power supply to all categories of consumers throughout Telangana, despite a continuous increase in power demand. Similarly, he stressed that the drinking water supply had been streamlined to prevent shortages in any area.

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Uttam Kumar Reddy attributed the present drought conditions to mismanagement by the previous BRS regime. He noted that the Congress Government, in power since December 2023, had been endeavoring to minimize the impact. He mentioned Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy, Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka, and all ministers working as a team to prevent a crisis that originated during the KCR regime. He assured that available resources were being utilized optimally to mitigate the impact of the drought.

He reiterated that during KCR’s tenure as Chief Minister, Chandrashekhar Rao convened a meeting on July 2, 2023, to assess water levels in the Godavari and Krishna Rivers. Upon identifying insufficient water levels, directives were issued to prioritize water release solely for drinking purposes, not irrigation. Reddy pointed out that by the time the Congress assumed power on December 7, 2023, the rainy season had passed, and drought conditions had set in. Despite these challenges, he emphasized that the Congress Government had been diligently working to manage the situation to the best of its ability.

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Providing comparative figures of water availability in major reservoirs, he highlighted a significant decline. For example, he mentioned that the current storage in Nagarjuna Sagar is 135 TMC compared to 167 TMC last year.

Similarly, he noted that the current level in SRSP is 13 TMC, down from 27.5 TMC last year. Reddy emphasized that despite these challenges, the Congress Government was making the best use of available water to avert a major crisis.

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He criticized BRS leaders for misleading people for political gains and assured that the Congress Government was effectively managing the water situation. (Maxim News)

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