Owaisi Demands Govt To provide Food To Poor Labourers Before Extending Lockdown

Hyderabad, April 11 (Maxim News): AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi said Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take certain basic steps before extending ongoing lockdown. In his tweet he said that the central government should provide Rs.5,000 cash to each and every labourer of the country and food to the poor.

He also urged the PM to release funds to all the states of the country to help migrant labourers and the poor people of the country. He said that the unplanned lockdown had caused several problems in the country. He said that it created several problems to the workers and migrants of the country. He urged the PM to focus on saving the lives of the people of the country while noting that economy of the country would be taken care of later. (Maxim News)

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