PM Modi: ‘Till There Is No Medicine, No Laxity’

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a ‘mass movement’ on Twitter about the proper behaviour of people to deal with Covid-19 in view of upcoming festivals, cold weather and the state of the economy.

He tweeted and urged people to take every precaution until a vaccine for the prevention of coronavirus is made and not to be too relaxed. He said, ‘Avoid the coronavirus. Wash hands frequently. Wear the mask properly. Play two yards. No laxity unless there is medicine.’

Modi also shared the photos with messages related to the Coronavirus. In this, he himself is wrapped up in a swing and is seen urging people to rescue him with folded hands. He also used the hashtag ‘Unite to Fight Corona’ to give the campaign an edge.

The Prime Minister said that together we will achieve success against the coronavirus and win this battle. He said that India’s fight against Covid-19 is being fought by the people, which has been strengthened by the Corona warriors.

He said, ‘Our collective efforts have helped save many lives. We have to keep this momentum and protect the citizens from this virus. It is known that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had announced on Wednesday that Prime Minister Modi will launch a ‘Jan Andolan’ campaign on Twitter on Thursday about the proper behavior to deal with Covid-19.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar had said that the only weapon to protect from Corona is to wear masks, observe social distance and wash hands continuously. He said that following this principle, a campaign to raise awareness about these measures in public places will be started. Significantly, according to the data released until Wednesday night, the number of corona virus-infected in the country has crossed 6.8 million.

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