PUBG Ban Creates Knock-On Effect In India

As the government decides to ban multiple Chinese Apps with a listing of the popular game PUBG and 250 others, the gamer community has been sweating out. The decision is being taken due to security reasons and people have been praying that it is not true. The game, Player’s Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG), has become an addiction for many in India and they play it on a professional level as well. Now that there is a threat on the app to be banned, gamers are forced to find an Indian replacement of the most popular Chinese app and it hasn’t been easy.

The cybersecurity experts have claimed that the PUBG app can steal personal data of the users and can leak it to the Chinese government since the ‘engine’ behind the game is based in China.

Anuj Aggarwal, cybersecurity expert said, “Most of the Chinese apps are doing the same thing across the world. They are accused of stealing the data and sharing it with their communist government and army. Ban on almost all such Chinese apps were suspected after the skirmish at the border between Indian and Chinese army. Those government officials who download such games, may lose their confidentiality to Chinese government as the apps often share the data of the users to the government.”

PUBG has its largest user base in India with around 175 million downloads. As the news about PUBG getting banned in India broke the internet, netizens came up with the funniest memes and jokes. One Twitter user said, “When pubg was the only thing that kept you entertained during the Lockdown and now Government is planning to ban that too– mai bhool gya tha mere pass sivaye buri kismat ke kuch bhi nhi hai.” Many others claimed that Indian parents will be the happiest with this news.

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