Ranveer Singh: There’s no way I am going to change

On most – or rather, all — occasions, Ranveer Singh is like a live bomb about to explode and unleash his potent charm. Known to make the most of every nanosecond, the actor is always brimming with energy and enthusiasm, at least in public.

Ready to catch up with him one late evening at Yash Raj Studios, we hear him before seeing him. He’s singing ‘Tu Ne Maari Entriyaan’ from his 2014 film, ‘Gunday’. He has had a long day promoting Befikre, but there is no trace of exhaustion. “I am always high on life. I like to humour people. When others do so, I appreciate it. I enjoy it and that’s the reason I do likewise.”

We get down to discussing the experience of shooting for Befikre, and he chuckles that he was “minty fresh doused in deos and perfumes” during the numerous kissing scenes and that it is “Adi 2.0 who has made ‘Befikre'”. He quickly adds that during a recent awards gala in Dubai, he said in his acceptance speech, “Ladies and gentleman, it is officially party time. I will see you on the dance floor.”

Ranveer’s crazy antics coupled with quirky dressing sense ensure that all eyes are always on him. But, he is aware many consider his high-energy acts a put-on. “Some tell me they love me the way I am. They like the vibe I exude, and say there is no need to change. But then, there are a lot of others who think I go overboard, and ask me to calm down.”

The actor, however, sees no reason to succumb to pressure. “I enjoy doing what I do. I am like that. Why should I change if that’s what makes me happy?” He recalls a recent interaction with Salman Khan on the sets of ‘Bigg Boss 10’, where he had arrived to promote his film.

“Salman sir said I have made it (big) because of my sheer love for Hindi cinema. Usually, an actor, changes after becoming an established name; he shuts himself out. But, Salman sir said I have this quality — managing to keep my zest for life and movies intact just like when I was a beginner. He understood me. There’s no way I am going to change.”

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