Rythu Bandhu Not Applicable To Tenant Farmers: CM Reiterates

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Hyderabad, Feb.23 (Maxim News): Stating that his government will protect the interests of farmers, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today once again clarified that the Rythu Bandhu scheme was not applicable to the tenant farmers. He also stated that his government was borrowing money only for completing irrigation projects as it was capable of clearing the debts. He also disclosed that two women will be inducted into his cabinet soon.

During the debate on the vote-on-account budget, the Leader of the House made it clear that the State government will not compromise on the issue of helping the farmers. “We have simplified the pass books of land records to have only 3 columns by reducing 33 columns from 36”, he said. “Such complex data in the pass books was not required and everything will go online and officials were directed to take apt steps. We will come up with a policy enabling the farmers get loans and the banks have to give loans by seeing data on Dharani website”.

The government will soon come up with Dharani website for updating land records from time to time. Attending a debate on vote on account budget at the Assembly, he said that in six months land records will be totally cleansed in six months to give clear titles to the owners. Stating that the land owners will get crop investment support of Rs 10,000 per year for two crops, he said the government cannot give amount to tenant farmers. It is the matter of owners and tenants on the land deals and the government will have no say, he said. However, the owners can do help the tenants in farming activities.

KCR said that the Centre was giving Rs 6,000 to the farmers, which was in addition to Rythu Bandhu scheme of the State government. Those who occupied forest or other lands will be dealt with seriously and have to vacate the lands, he warned. A policy will be brought up to ensure the farmers get lands and remove the problem of Podu lands near forests by holding a meeting in June. (Maxim News)

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