This Hyderabadi App Is The Best Alternative To TikTok

Hyderabad, Aug.15 (Maxim News): Social Media users have good news this Independence Day. A Made in Hyderabad mobile app with more advanced features than TikTok is set to be launched soon. Telangana Information and Technology Association (TITA) Startup Community has developed Alap app, a video sharing platform that will be available for netizens by the end of this month. TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala released the teaser and logo of Alap app, which will be available in 13 languages, on Independence Day here on Saturday.

There are numerous apps that are completely commercial and with a profit motive in the market but there are none to meet the social needs of the users. The launch of Alap app by the TITA Startup Community was aimed at filling this social void. Though TikTok has changed hands, it is a fact that it is still in the hands of Chinese ownership. Though there are numerous such apps available to users, technology, data security and more focus on Made in India app are some driving factors behind the launch of Alap app. This was also an attempt to employ those techies who lost their jobs due to Covid-19 triggered economic slowdown.

It was in this context, the Enterprise Softlabs Private Limited (E-Soft Labs) developed the Alap app. The firm played a key role in providing finances to the techies on its own, technology support and the market launch. Loknath Reddy provided funding and programming support, while technical support was provided by Ram K, while Amit supervised operation affairs. This Made in Hyderabad app will be available in 13 Indian languages.

TITA Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala launched the logo and teaser of Alap app, developed by the enthusiast techies of TITA Startup Community on the occasion of Independence Day. Speaking on the occasion, Sundeep Makthala said that more social media users are choosing to get rid of the foreign-made apps and are showing interest in Indian made mobile apps. Alap app which is being developed in Telangana will emerge as the best alternative to the existing apps and congratulated the team behind the development of the app. He appealed to netizens to use the app which will be available in the market by the end of this month. (Maxim News)

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