Upgrade computer centres in TS Urdu Academy: Opposition

Hyderabad: The members of Congress and MIM in Legislative Council on Wednesday demanded that the government upgrade the age old computers and courses offered in the ailing library-cum-computer centres in Urdu Academy.

While referring to the promises made by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao in regard to restoring Urdu as second language in Telangana, the leader of Opposition in Legislative Council, Mohammed Ali Shabbir said that while the neighbouring State of Andhra Pradesh had upgraded the computers and hiked salaries of the contract staff working for more than 15 years, but Telangana, where 9-districts have recognised Urdu as second language, was lagging behind.

He said that for the past nine years the computer centres were operating with old equipment. “No new computers were provided for the 43 centres running in the State jeopardising the future of these centres,” he said. Almost all the centres were running under rented buildings and the rent has not been paid for several months.

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