Vijayashanti Asks Why KCR Was Silent On Federal Front

Hyderabad, April 19 (Maxim News): The star campaigner of Congress party Vijayasanti wondered as to why CM KCR, who promoted the concept of federal front across the country, went silent after the elections. Stating that KCR met with Odisha, West Bengal, Karnataka and other chief ministers with third front concept before the elections, she was clueless about the silence of the CM now.

She said that KCR could have campaigned for DMK leader Stalin in Tamil Nadu and Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banarjee in West Bengal and promoted his third front idea. Claiming that KCR had widely propagated that the JDS party came to power making its leader HD Kumaraswamy as the Karnataka state CM as it copied all his welfare schemes introduced in the state, she asked CM as to why he did not campaign for the JDS in Karnataka. She alleged that the CM had abandoned his idea of third front immediately after the Lok Sabha elections in the state.(Maxim News)

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