Woman Delivers Baby Boy On Roadside At Bapu Ghat

Woman Delivers Baby Boy On Roadside At Bapu Ghat

Hyderabad, July 15 (Maxim News): Staff of a ‘108’ emergency ambulance service on Monday helped a pregnant woman deliver a male baby on the roadside at Bapu Ghat, Langar Houz. Even before she could reach a nearby health care facility, the woman developed pains forcing the locals to alert the emergency ambulance service.

According to the information, by the time the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) reached, the woman was bleeding profusely. The ambulance technicians helped her deliver the baby, a healthy boy and also took measures to prevent her from bleeding further.

The woman hails from a poor family and does not have a proper shelter to reside. The 108 ambulance services also transported the baby and mother to the Government hospital in Karwan where both of them are recovering now. (Maxim News)

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