World Animal Day 2021: History, Significance, Quotes and Wishes

World Animal Day, a global initiative for animal rights, is celebrated on October 4 every year. This international event is aimed at ensuring better standards for animal welfare and raising awareness about their importance in nature. On this World Animal Day (also known as Animal Lovers Day), here’s all that you need to know about this endeavor:

World Animal Day 2021: History, Significance, Quotes and Wishes


The date, October 4, was chosen in honour of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. This international day of action falls on the feast day of Francis of Assisi.

On March 24, 1925, at the Sport Palace in Berlin, Germany, the very first World Animal Day was commemorated by Heinrich Zimmermann, a cynologist and animal protection activist. There were around 5000 who had attended the celebration to lend support to the great cause.

Zimmermann had organised an event for the first time on March 24, 1925, at the Sport Palace in Berlin. Over 5,000 people had attended the event that was originally scheduled for October 4, to align with the fest day of Saint Francis of Assisi.

In 1931, World Animal Day became global during a world protection organisation conference in Florence, Italy. In 2002, the Finnish Association of Animal Protection Associations celebrated the day and even involved school children in its events.

World Animal Day 2021: History, Significance, Quotes and Wishes


Animals are an integral part of our ecosystem as much as humans and plants. The role of animals is insurmountable in our scheme of life. Right from maintaining ecological balance (decomposition, furnishing nutrients, carbon, nitrogen cycle, environmental protection) to bringing about human wellness, animals are crucial.

The event aims at ensuring rescue shelters for the animals, launching animal welfare, raising funds, and conducting activities to spread awareness and better conditions of animal living.

To summarize their significance, in the words of Richard Gere who rightly said: “As custodians of the planet, it is our responsibility to deal with all species with kindness, love and compassion. That these animals suffer through human cruelty is beyond understanding. Please help to stop this madness”.

The day focuses on creating awareness about the effects of individuals, businesses and other human behaviours on animals. It is also known as ‘Animal Lovers Day’ as it encourages love, care, affection and protection of animals through the involvement of individuals and organisations who work for the rights of animals.

World Animal Day 2021: History, Significance, Quotes and Wishes


If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals. – Albert Einstein

When a man has pity on all living creatures then only is he noble. -Buddha

He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. -Kant

Killing animals for sport, for pleasure, for adventure, and for hides and furs is a phenomenon which is at once disgusting and distressing. There is no justification in indulging in such acts of brutality. – Dalai Lama

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