Empty declarations of TRS fail to resolve NRI problems: Shabbir Ali

  • LOP comment on Videshi sampark outcome
  • TRS failure to give succour to non residents from Telangana 
  • Use available building for Videshi Bhawan
  • Address problems of workers and students suffering in Middle east
  • Empty sloganeering no solution to NRT( non resident Telanganites)’ Problems

Hyderabad, May 16 (Maxim News): Leader of opposition in Telangana legislative council, former Minister of NRI affairs, Mohammed Ali Shabbir today charged the TRS government of negligence and indifference towards NRI’s welfare and concern for the Telangana labor languishing in jails of Middle East after being misled and cheated by job brokers .

Blaming the TRS government of lethargy, lack of vision and commitment the LOP said ‘ both CM KCR and IT minister KTR made public statements non stop, on every issue on earth and forgot to implement it .In reality nothing had emerged on the ground in the last three years which delivered benefits and empowered the poor and working classes since the formation of Telangana.

Criticising the recent pronouncements of the Telangana Government to set up an NRI bhavan , the LOP quipped what happens to the KCR promise made in January ,2017 to set up a joint Foreign office to reach out to students and job seekers and said the CM has been making statements off hand and whimsically without any idea of seriousness of the issue and travails of the poor job seekers overseas .

He demanded to immediately Start NAK Centres for Skill Trainings in short term courses such as masons, welders, electricians and Plumbers, The centres which were opened during congress government was closed, there is immediate need to start at least 50 such centers in all the districts. The another issue that the ration cards were cancelled or deleting the names of workers who went for job search should be stopped and restore all such cards, due to this NRI poor workers are deprived of the Medical benefits of Aroogayasree and other welfare schemes he said.

In a first-of-its-kind exercise, the Ministry of External Affairs is going to organise an `outreach conference’ with Telangana government on consular, passport and diaspora issues at Hyderabad on May 13 in which Minister of State for External Affairs General V K Singh (retd) and Telangana IT minister K T Rama Rao participated.

‘It may take three years to build a new building. Instead the Govt should focus on resolving the problems of NRTs (Non Resident Telanganas) in Middle east countries where their condition was tragic and miserable .He said after bifurcation of state, there were several vacant buildings available in Hyderabad which can be used to put up the NRI bhawan or Videshi Bhawan etc.

Shabbir said during the recent Videshi Sampark meet, several crucial issues of thousands of workers suffering in gulf and jail were raised .’The sampark meet was originally the brain child of Congress party .When I was minister in last congress Govt I had fought for release of Telangana workers – masons, welders, fitters etc from jails there .’ We had also provided free tickets to NRT workers ( 1266 in all) to come to their native by providing out passes . Government was also extended assistance to relatives of victims to bring back the dead bodies to Hyderabad for last rites ” he said.

He said though it was a good idea to open up Foreign office ( units of foreign missions )in Hyderabad, the need of hour was to provide succor to poor NRT workers in Gulf and Middle east countries and bring back the sick safely to their families .

He said the congress party demanded creation of data base of all NRT, registration of job agents, insurance agencies and provide immediate financial and legal support to them . ‘ The TRS government is just wasting time by making big declarations and in the final nothing up and the suffering of students and job seekers heightened day by day , thanks to Governments laxity and vague approach. (Maxim News)

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