Aditya Is In Doubt Over His Acting Skills

Aditya Is In Doubt Over His Acting Skills

General perception about actors is that their look is surely priority to succeed in business of entertainment. However, actor Aditya Roy Kapur, who is widely acknowledged as a handsome young man, says at times the good look can overpower acting skills of an actor.”I do not want to think about it too much, though in all the reviews I read (there is) at least one line about the way I look.

People talk about my look but my appearance is not in my hands, right? If we look at the West, whether it is Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and some others mainstream actors — they don’t get enough credit for their acting skills at times, but their screen presence and how handsome they are (are spoken about). People can discount their acting skills and put it down to their looks.

When it comes to me, I have no control over it but surely I want to establish myself as a combination of both,” Aditya told. So, when was the last time he looked at the mirror and said, ‘wow! Aditya, you are hot!’? He laughs. “No, that does not happen. I mean I don’t do that — who does that? I think before the shoot of ‘Malang’ I saw myself in the mirror once, and felt that my body is looking ‘not bad’.

That is it! I don’t know how to answer this question,” he blushes while responding. Aditya’s upcoming film “Malang” is directed by Mohit Suri with whom he has collaborated “Aashiqui 2”. That film made him a star overnight in 2013.

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