All-Party Dharna At Indira Park Marred By Fistfight Between Congress Leaders

Hyderabad, May 11 (Maxim News): Sharp differences among the senior Congress leaders here today burst out once again during all-party dharna organized at Indira Park demanding justice to the victims of Board of Intermediate Education and action against erring officials of the board.

The trouble began when Congress spokesperson M Nagesh wanted to sit in a chair in the front row even as senior party leader and former Rajya Sabha member V Hanumantha Rao, with a microphone in his hand, was about to address the gathering. Hanumantha Rao and Nagesh exchanged heated words over the chair and at one point, Hanumantha Rao knocked on Nagesh’s head with the microphone. Hanumantha Rao was objecting to Nagesh trying to occupy a chair that was meant for AICC general secretary RC Khuntia and even as leaders of other parties, TDP, TJS and CPI looked on, it quickly turned into shouting and shoving match between the two Congress leaders. Hanumantha Rao also hit Nagesh on his chest before pushing him away from the stage. As Hanumantha Rao pushed Nagesh who fell to the ground, but later got up to do the same to the former Rajya Sabha member.

Sensing more trouble, the embarrassed leaders of other parties like TJS president M. Kodandaram and TTDP president L. Ramana tried to pacify VH. Leaders of various Opposition parties and parents of 22 Intermediate students, who had committed suicide, were seated in a protest at Dharna Chowk.

Congress leaders, including Khuntia, TPCC president N Uttam Kumar Reddy and leaders of other parties said it was unbecoming to fight over a chair when the purpose of the protest was to highlight the plight of Intermediate students and that of the families whose children had committed suicide. (Maxim News)

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