Amit: BJP Has No Role In NBW Episode Against AP CM

Hyderabad, Sept.15 (Maxim News): BJP President Amit Shah today ridiculed the charge that his party or Prime Minister Narendra Modi were playing “vendetta politics” against AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu.

Referring to the NBW issued to the AP CM and others in connection with B Babli project case of 2010, when asked whether it was being done at the behest of the BJP as was being alleged by the TDP leaders, Amit Shah laughed it off and reminded that the when the incident happened in 2010 the Congress governments were there in both AP and Maharashtra. It was during the Congress regime only the cases were registered against them and since then as many 25 notices were served, he explained and asked then how come BJP is being held responsible for the same. The court will do its duty and we have nothing to do with it he added. (Maxim News)

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