AP Former CM Chandrababu Naidu Stopped At Assembly Gates

Proponents Of Three-Capital Theory Will Be Swept Away In “Tsunami”: Chandrababu

Vijayawada, Dec.9 (Maxim News): The TDP national president of Andhra Pradesh state Nara Chandrababu Naidu had a bitter experience on the first day of the assembly session on Monday.

The local police manning the Assembly premises did not allow Naidu to gain access as he was taking a protest rally demanding the state government to take steps for the reduction of the soaring prices of onions. Accompanied by his party MLAs, Naidu tried to enter the Assembly premises from the main gate along with placards. The police made it clear to Naidu that they wouldn’t allow the members of the Assembly with placards and asked them leave them at the gate to gain access inside the preemies. This has angered the party MLAs and prompted them to enter into a serious argument with the police. At one moment, the argument turned serious too.

Speaking on the occasion, Naidu alleged that the prices of onions were competing with the prices of gold in the state. He used a weighing machine to show that the rates of both commodities were the same. He alleged that the state government had miserably failed to regulate the prices of the onions. Naidu claimed that the Telugu Desam Party led state government had taken steps to regulate the prices during their rule. He also claimed that they had supplied the onions at subsidized prices. He made it clear that the party would fight till the prices of onions were brought down by the authorities. He also alleged that the prices of other essential commodities were soaring with each passing day while citing that the farmers of the state however were not receiving the remunerative prices for their produce. (Maxim News)

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