BJP ready to give fund details to JAC: Suresh Reddy

BJP state general secretary S Suresh Reddy asked the ruling TDP party to control the institutionalised corruption and do not try to blame the BJP for its failure of keeping promises. Speaking to media here on Monday, Suresh Reddy said the revolutionary financial reforms introduced by the Narendra Modi government helped the country to be the 7th largest financial power in the world.

He said the BJP is ready to give details of various funds allocated to state from Union government to joint action committee set by Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan. At the time of bifurcation, he said BJP is the only party that spoke for welfare of state and questioned about the financial deficit, employees’ benefits, Polavaram project and others and still trying to help the state.

He alleged the TDP is trying to exploit the public ire against the BJP and said Madigas were not happy for not completing the categorisation, unemployed were not happy for no jobs, farmers were not happy as their gold was auctioned by banks, BCs were not happy inclusion of Kapus.

The common people were not happy with the institutionalised corruption of Janmabhumi committees and officials in various departments. To shift their attention from them, the TDP leaders were spreading false information against the BJP and convincing public. The government should control the corruption and stop spreading hatred on BJP, which is the important alliance partner, he added

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