Conflict within T-JAC

Hyderabad: Day after T-JAC backed unemployed rally, few sections of the joint action committee openly criticized its chairmen Professor M Kodandaram’s attitude too dictate terms and conditions for the JAC and boycotted the steering committee meeting here on Thursday.

Speaking to media persons TJAC co-convenor P Ravinder objected Kodandaram’s one men show and advised that TJAC will not function under the direction of political parties. “ What was the wrong when the proposed meeting was conducted at the Nagole after the High Court gave its permission, if the meeting had held at Nagole the purpose would be reached to government,” alleged Mr Ravinder.

He further said T-JAC has required public support rather than political parties backing.

Later speaking to media persons TJAC president Kodandaram said the yesterday rally was most successful even after the police arrested nearly 5,000 students and JAC members.

“Everyone discussed about TJACs rally on Wednesday and extended their support , it denotes the success of the programme,” Mr Kodandaram added.

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