Cong Demands CM KCR To Announce Relief Package For Telangana

Hyderabad, May 14 (Maxim News): TPCC Treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy said State Government announce a Special Relief Package for those affected due to lockdown as it was done by Central Government.

Speaking to media persons after distributing masks and sanitizers among people in Manikeshwari Nagar, in Secunderabad Assembly segment on Thursday, Narayana Reddy blamed the State Government for the spread of Coronavirus despite imposition of lockdown since March 22. “Initially, Health Minister Etala Rajender blamed people with travel history for the spread of Coronavirus. Later, he cursed Tableeghi Jamaat people for spreading the virus. Now he is holding poor migrant workers responsible for the continuous rise in Coronavirus positive cases. Instead of indulging in such a cheap blame game, the Health Minister must admit that KCR Government has failed to identify the suspects at the right time and they were left untested. Consequently, many Covid-19 positive patients might have spread the virus unintentionally,” he said.

He said there was still no clarity on whether the State Government traced all the suspects and kept them in quarantine for the mandatory period till they were tested negative for Covid-19. “Since people need some relaxations from lockdown for basic survival, they are bound to come out for important activities. However, due to the negligent attitude of State Government, there is an unknown fear that people might actually come in contact with an untested positive patient. State Government should allay these fears and instill confidence among people,” he demanded.

Reddy said despite extension of lockdown till May 29 in Telangana, there was no clarity as to when it would be lifted. He said Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has been deceiving the people with regard to Coronavirus situation. At one side, he is giving statements that people need to learn to live with Coronavirus. On the other, he is opposing the relaxations like restricted train travel. “There is a huge contradiction in what KCR says and what he actually does,” he alleged.

The Congress leader also pointed out that except for 12 kg rice per person and Rs. 1500 per family for White Ration Card holders, the State Government did not announce any relief package for other citizens of Telangana. All segments including government and private employees, teachers, students, SMEs, big companies, travel and tour operators, hospitality, small vendors, daily wage earners and almost everyone is badly hit due to the unplanned lockdown by the State Government. “While the entire State is looking at CM KCR for some relaxations like waiver of water and electricity bills for the months of March and April, the Chief Minister is looking at the Centre expecting an increase in FRBM limit so that he could borrow a few more thousand crore rupees which he could pay to contractors and allegedly take commission from the same.

Narayana expressed concern over Telangana Government for not even preparing the assessment of damage due to Coronavirus and lockdown. “CM KCR and other ministers are issuing vague statement and nothing coming up with actual figurers either pertaining to the Coronavirus situation in the State or the huge losses occurred due to lockdown. Citing a recent survey, he said almost one third families in the country would be starving if they are not extended any help in the next one week,” he said. (Maxim News)

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