‘Disaster PM’ Will Also Be Released Soon: Banerjee

Federal Front Will Decide Future PM: Mamata

Criticising the release of ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee dubbed it a political stunt ahead of elections. In an apparent reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she said she was waiting for the release of ‘Disaster Prime Minister’.

Defending former PM Manmohan Singh, whose tenure forms the backdrop of the controversial movie, the Trinamool Congress chief said injustice was done in ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’. News 18 has quoted her as saying, “I parted ways with the Congress and we don’t do political activities together. But I personally feel that injustice was done in ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’. Those who are doing this drama should first watch ‘Disaster Prime Minister’. In the coming days, I am sure ‘Disaster Prime Minister’ will also release.”

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