Guv Visits “Adi Dhwani” Exhibition, Vows To Help Protect Tribal Art

Guv Offers Month Salary, Asks CS To Help Migrant Workers

Hyderabad, Nov.12 (Maxim News): Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan today visited “Adi Dhwani”, an exhibition of 124 musical instruments of tribals, and admired about them while going round the exhibition.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor said time has come to uplift the culture and musical art of tribals. There has been an urgent need to protect folk art and ancient tribal music instruments, failing which they may face extinction soon, she observed. She also said special measures have to be taken to protect the tribal musical tunes and instruments.

Tamilisai assured that she will render all possible help to establish a museum for preserving all the tribal musical instruments. She lauded the untiring efforts of Prof Jayadheer Thirumala Rao over the years in collecting these musical instruments. She also facilitated the Runjha, Thoti Burravadyam, Kikri, Koyadolu artistes.

Organizer Prof. Jayadheer Thirumala Rao, Prof. Guduru Manoja, Dr Saibaba Goud and Dr Potlapalli Varaprasada Rao participated. (Maxim News)

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