HC Angry At Govt For Not Conducting Covid 19 Tests

Hyderabad, June 8 (Maxim News): The Telangana High Court today expressed its anger at state government for not following its orders to conduct more number of Covid 19 detections tests in the state. It warned the state government that it would consider the failure of the state government as contempt of court and initiate action against the officials of health Department of the state. It said that it would make the principal secretary of the health department of the state and the director of the public health of the state as responsible for the failure of the state government to conduct the rapid tests.

A division bench of the HC also expressed its anger that its orders to hold the Covid 19 tests on the dead bodies of the state were also not being implemented in the state. Responding to the angry remarks of the HC , The Advocate General of the state told the HC that they had already appealed against the orders of the HC in the Supreme Court of India. This has prompted the HC to state that its orders should be implemented until the decision of the apex court of the state. It also said that the state government was not holding random tests of the people of the state.

It further said that lack of supply of PPE kits had caused Covid 19 infection to the doctors of the state. It also warned the state government that it would initiate contempt of court proceedings against the state government if it had issued false media bulletins. It asked the state government to submit a report before June 17 of this month. (Maxim News)

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