HC Forms Panel To Decide Legality Of RTC Crew Strike

Hyderabad, Nov.12 (Maxim News): The High Court on Tuesday observed that it doesn’t have powers to act by exceeding the ambit of the existing laws of the land. It also made it clear that it can’t issue any order.

A Division bench of the High Court heard a batch of Public Interest Litigations filed against the ongoing TSRTC employees’ strike and the recent decision of the State cabinet to issue 5,100 private route permits of the TSRTC. Dealing with the case, the court asked senior Advocate Vidya Sagar whether it had the powers to declare the strike as illegal.

Responding to the question, he said the High Court could declare the strike as illegal under ESMA. He also showed some GOs to High Court including the GO issued in the year 2015. After perusing the 2015 GO, the court said the GO was meant only for six months and asked the senior counsel to show any other GO. It made it clear that the court was also not an exception to the law of the land.

The High Court has stated that it was ready to solve the problem by constituting a three-member committee comprising former judges of Supreme Court and asked the Advocate General of the State to find out the opinion of the State government on the issue. Responding to a plea of one of the petitioners to decorate the strike as illegal, the court said the strike could not be declared illegal based on the allegations of a collection of excess charges and asked petitioner to file a petition in a consumer court on the issue. (Maxim News)

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