“Hyd And Seekh” Penned By 15-Year-Old Boy Released

"Hyd And Seekh” Penned By 15-Year-Old Boy Released

Hyderabad, July 14 (Maxim News): A coffee table book titled “Hyd and Seekh”, conceptualized and authored by Sahil Verma, was released at Hotel Park, Somajiguda here on Saturday.

Hema Chennupati, principal, Oakridge School, Lakshmi Devi Raj, Mohammed Alam Khan and Anil Kumar Verma, who were guests of honor were all praise for the passion and focus of Sahil Verma in bringing out the book, which started as a school project to take shape of present work par excellence.

Sahil Verma, is just 15 years old student thanked his grand parents, parents, teachers and others for their encouragement and support.(Maxim News)

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