KCR Made National BC Commission Possible: Muta Gopal

Hyderabad, Aug.7 (Maxim News): Relentless efforts of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao and his government made possible the enactment of National Commission for Backward Classes and conferment of Constitutional powers to the Commission, opined TRS BC Cell president Muta Gopal. “The achievement would not have been possible in the absence of the Chief Minister’s active role and his mounting pressure on the Centre for constitution of National Commission for Backward Classes”, he stated while thanking the former. State BC Commission was already in existence in Telangana since long, he added.

In a pressnote released from TRS BC Cell headquarters, Muta Gopal said some 140 BC communities in Telangana State and over 5,000 castes and sub-castes in the BC list over the country would be benefited by the BC Commission, especially the downtrodden and depressed people among the BCs would be largely be benefited through the National Commission, which was a boon to the BCs politically, socially and career wise.

“I profusely thank all the ministers and members of Parliament in both the Houses for passing the Bill”, Muta Gopal said. (Maxim News)

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