TRS Is Making Students To Make Statements Against Rahul Gandhi: Cong

Hyderabad, Aug.7 (Maxim News): Stating that all the Telangana people were welcoming AICC chief Rahul Gandhi’s visit state, TPCC official spokesperson Gajjela Kantham found fault with a section of students of Osmania University for opposing Rahul’s meeting at Arts College in Osmania University.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday at Gandhi Bhavan, Kantham said that it was not correct on the part of a section of students to provoke the students saying that whether Rahul visited Osmania University when 1200 students were died during Telangana movement. He asked those section of students to tell who the reason for the death of 1200 students.

“Who provoked 1200 students to die during Telangana movement” , the Congress leader questioned. He alleged that Irrigation Minister then provoked students to die while enacting drama of suicide by pouring petrol on himself but not lit the fire. As a result of Harish Rao drama, Srikantha Chary died in self immolation at LB Nagar. Kantham alleged that KCR family provoked students saying that the centre will accord separate Telangana only with suicides. While observing all, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi accorded Telangana state. Sonia Gandhi accorded Telangana state keeping students future in view.

The TRS party was making students to make statements against Rahul Gandhi thinking that Congress will come to power if Rahul goes to Osmania University, Kantham said adding that people will not forgive students if speaks with out knowing the facts.

He suggested the students to speak and question Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on the assurances made during 2014 elections. The students have to pull KCR on his assurances on jobs, funds and water. Not single person, who participated in Telangana movement, was in state cabinet, he pointed out. He made it clear that Rahul Gandhi was coming to the state to question KCR on the latter’s assurances and the cheating he was doing to the people. (Maxim News)

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