KCR Supports Defections Anti Constitution: Kishan

Hyderabad, March 9 (Maxim News): BJP Leader G Kishan Reddy criticized TRS leadership for encouraging defections and false charges on BJP government at Centre. He told reporters that KCR government failed to give funds to village panchayats which received same by the Centre. TRS has done nothing with 15 MP seats and now with 17 MP seats. The Centre gave permissions and funds to the Telangana he said. KCR and AP CM Chandrababu are competing to spread falsehood on the Modi Government he said.

He flayed that Gandhi Bhavan and Telangana Bhavan are same as I earlier said that voting for the congress is equal to the TRS. Before the ink on the fingers of the voters dried up the congress MLAs joining the ruling party and KCR should avoid such anti constitution activities he said. Modi Government will come to power at the Centre for all round development he said. We will fight to win the polls. (Maxim News)

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