KTR throws 50 question challenge to BJP

Launching a strong attack, TRS Working President KTR called the BJP leaders the cousins of Goebbels. “From state leaders to central ministers, everyone is spreading hatred and lies,” he said while addressing a press meet in Telangana Bhavan, Hyderabad. “The BJP today is hiding their inefficiency behind their lies,” he adds.

KTR said that the BJP Government is on a selling spree. They are selling Air India, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), and are also privatizing the prestigious Indian Railways among others. “We are scared they will sell Charminar, Golconda, and privatize GHMC if given a chance,” he adds.

BJP is working with a sole slogan ‘Becho India’. We appeal to the people ‘Socho India’, said KTR.

KTR rubbished Prakash Jawadekar’s act of releasing a charge sheet on TRS. He stated that in the charge sheet released, they termed our government as TRS-MIM sarkar. In reality, we were never in alliance with MIM. This shows their ill intentions and their hatred for the Muslim community.

Why did they release the charge sheet? Is it for achieving exceptional progress in just 6 years, which the states like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Uttarakhand created by the BJP couldn’t achieve?

“Youth of Hyderabad should file charge sheets on BJP for canceling the ITIR project to Hyderabad. Migrant workers should file charge sheets on BJP for charging money for their rail travel and food expenses during the lockdown,” said fumingly.

KTR said that even the God should file charge sheet on BJP for using the term ‘Act of God’ and blaming the God for slowdown to cover your failed economic policies and inefficiency

When we demand our rightful share in taxes, they term us as separatists. But in reality, BJP leaders are the real separatists who were with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a strong retort to the BJP, Working President KTR hurled 50 questions challenging the BJP leaders to provide answers to the people of Telangana and India.

The following are a few questions to the BJP Govt which are inefficient, unlawful and full of lies.


-Aren’t you selling the PSUs, which generate thousands of crores of income, as cheap as chips?

-Aren’t you privatizing the world’s fourth-largest railway network?

-Haven’t you collected railway ticket charges from the helpless migrant workers during the lockdown?

-Isn’t your government responsible for bringing down the GDP growth less than that of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka?

-You are calling us separatists for asking for a rightful share in taxes. Aren’t you the one who shared power with a separatist party?

-Despite low crude oil prices, aren’t you responsible for doubling the fuel prices?


-Aren’t you responsible for taking away the Lower Sileru power project from power deficient Telangana in 2014?

-Isn’t your government evading the GST dues to Telangana?

-Aren’t you getting ready to fix meters for agricultural borewells through the new Electricity Act?

-Aren’t you imposing restrictions on additional MSP for fine rice cultivated by Telangana farmers?

-Didn’t you evade a special grant as recommended by the 15th Finance Commission to compensate for Rs 735 crore loss due to tax devolution?

-Have you delivered promises made in the reorganization act?


-Did you give even a single rupee additionally to Hyderabad?

-Aren’t you responsible for pouring cold water on the hopes of Hyderabad youth by canceling the ITIR project?

-Aren’t you the one who didn’t sanction even a single paise for flood relief despite writing a letter?

-Aren’t you trying to privatize the PSUs in Hyderabad such as BHEL, MIDHANI, and ECIL?

-Aren’t you responsible for not handing over the cantonment roads to build skyways for traffic decongestion?

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