Magnus Sheep Park is a win-win investment for stakeholders

  • Well-researched Breeding Park is bound to give best results
  • Gap between demand-supply is huge, hence scope is huge: Giri Reddy

Hyderabad, April 11 (Maxim News): The unique sheep breeding formula of Magnus Sheep Park is already winning accolades from business analysts since more and more people are showing their willingness to partner with it seeing the definitive results.

This concept is bound to provide huge employment opportunity for local youth in Telangana especially to the women. Women are being inducted into the business as farmers as well as entrepreneurs across Telangana. The direct employment created by the Magnus Park definitely adds up to the state economy and employment generation for local youth. Each 200 acre of the Sheep Park is bound to provide employment for about 1500 and more local youth.

Based on the well-researched and well planned business strategy along with the breeding technology to be adopted, more investors are coming forward to join hands with Magnus Sheep Park.

Not only the business strategy but the complete plan of action for the best results of the entire business is attracting more people. Domestic and global investors are in negotiation with Magnus Sheep Park for the partnership and investment. Latest among those investors are from Abu Dhabi.

Since the Magnus Park is partnered with ICAR and NABARD for technical support, the investors can reliably go ahead with Magnus.

Magnus Park Chairman, Mr A L N Reddy said that the demand for good quality mutton or sheep is very high in domestic as well as in the global market.

He said, “This is the attempt to introduce fresh and hygienic meat to large consumer market across domestic and global arena.”

He said, “The southern sheep are in demand and we have the scope to breed these species at a large scale and exploit the market potential. Once invested, this business is bound to grow leaps and bounds for all the stakeholders.”

On one hand it provides employment to the local youth and on the other hand gives good results for the investors and also to the promoters, he said.

Following the huge demand of Sheep in Gulf Countries, many businessmen from the Arabian Peninsula are showing their interest in investing and tapping the market potential in their country.

It is to be recalled that the Southern breeds of Sheep especially Nellore Jodipi, Trichi Black, Karnataka Bannu, Hyderabadi Deccani, Coimbatore Red and Madras Red are very much in demand for the tastiest mutton. This has proved to be a boon for the expansion of business for Magnus Sheep Park.

Sheep can start giving results within one year and investors can get their profit from the second year of their investment. Also, the investors and stakeholders can easily get bank loans and support. This way the Magnus Sheep Park provides a win-win deal for all the stakeholders. (Maxim News)

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