Mangoes Flood Gaddi Annaram Market In State Capital

Hyderabad, April 22 (Maxim News): Hundreds of tonnes of mangoes have flooded the Gaddi Annaram market in the city. The farmers from two Telugu speaking states- Telangana and Andhra Pradesh– have brought around 1600 tonnes of mangoes to the market.

The farmers brought the mangoes in large quantities following the announcement of the officials of the marketing department that they would shut down the market for three consecutive days due to increase in the total number of corona virus cases in the state capital. Concerned at this announcement, the farmers decided to dispose of their stocks of mangoes at the market. Keeping the huff inflows is the mangoes in mind, the officials of the market yard has begun steps to sell all the mangoes before midnight of Wednesday.

The market committee chairman Ram Narasimha Goud has urged the mango farmers to not bring their mangoes to the market for the next three days due to the closure of the market yard. He told them that they would not allow the mango loads into the market even if they bring them during the three closure period. On the other hand, the marketing department is planning to launch the sale of the mangoes from the newly built Koheda market yard from April 27 (Maxim News)

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