Mentally challenged man kills one, eats brain

Rajahmundry: A mentally ill person struck an elderly man with a stick until he shattered his skull, and then, allegedly, ate parts of his brain. The incident took place in I. Pangidi village of Kovvur Rural mandal in West Godavari on Tuesday.

According to the police, the victim was a 59-year-old man named Muppidi China Nageswara Rao who worked for the gram panchayat of I. Pangidi village and tended to the walking track and greenery that had been developed at the village tank. He was also in charge of preventing open defecation at the tank.

At around 5 am on Tuesday, a woman named Jyothi arrived to take a walk at the tank. The woman noticed a man with soiled clothes, unkempt hair and a long beard sitting on a bench along the walking track. She asked Rao to drive the man away. Rao went up to the man and asked him to leave. When the man failed to respond, Rao persisted in his efforts.

Enraged, the man grabbed hold of the stick that Rao was holding and began hitting him. Rao fell under the impact of the blows, but the man continued to hit him. Eventually, Rao’s skull broke and pieces of his brain flew out. The man then allegedly began eating pieces of the brain.

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