No Mask: 15K people booked in GHMC

No Mask: 15K people booked in GHMC
  • 14,931 Booked from GHMC,
  • 8,290 booked from Ramagundam police commissionerate limits
  • 3,719 booked from Rachakonda commissionerate limits
  • 2,996 booked from Cyberabad limits
  • 4,213 booked from Suryapet limits

Hyderabad: As many as 70,845 people were booked across the state for not wearing masks including 14,931 people for GHMC areas since March 23 by State Police .

Cases were booked against them under the National Disaster Act Section 51 (B) along with Rs 1000 fine using artificial intelligence, the authorities identified the people who did not wear the masks in public places.

The police identifying the people coming out without masks with the help of the CCTV footage. Among 70,845 cases in the state, 14,931 are from GHMC, 8,290 from Ramagundam police commissionerate limits, 3,719 from Rachakonda commissionerate limits, 2,996 from Cyberabad limits, 4,213 from Suryapet. All the people have to visit the court to pay the fine.

Wearing masks and social distancing are the two important measures that must be practised to keep the coronavirus at bay.

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