Schools To Reopen In AP From July 13

Schools To Reopen In AP From July 13

The schools will be reopened and to be conducted once in a week for Primary and twice in a week for Upper Primary and Higher Schools in the State, which will be opened from July 13. Commissioner of School Education Vadrevu Chinaveerabhadrudu issued orders with this effect on Monday, in view of the deadly COVID19 pandemic.

The government has initiated bridge courses to the school students till the schools are reopened. The academic plan for the carrying out bridge courses and other hi tech, low tech and no tech strategies to be introduced to engage the children academically, announced the School Education Department.

The government further instructed all the Headmasters and Teachers of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools to complete the updating of the UDISE+ data. It also directed to evolve a school development plan in consultation with Parents Committees concerned.

In the case of the Primary Schools, the bridge course material was already distributed to the children in the month of June, 2020. In case of upper primary and High Schools, the bridge course material be prepared both online and offline and distributed to the students and to ensure that the students attend to them from their home.

Government also directed the concerned officials to distribute the library books to the students at their homes and children may be encouraged to circulate it among them at their homes and complete reading as many books as possible before the schools are reopened and bring them back once the schools are reopened.

The students will be given project works based on the syllabi they have completed during the academic year 2019-20, for instance children that would join 10th class this year may be given project work based on the 8th class syllabus and encourage them to explore the content of the topic thoroughly.

Where the children have online devices like computers, net and android phones, they would be encouraged WhatsApp groups and monitor their work through such groups.

Each teacher is instructed to adopt at least 10-20 students, those who do not have internet access and be in constant communication with them and engage them academically till the schools are reopened. For the other students with some digital infrastructure, WhatsApp groups will be formed.

At the same time, all the Headmasters and teachers of the Primary Schools of all government managements have to attend the schools once in a week, on every Tuesday with effect from July 13 for the ensuring bridge courses. The faculty working in Upper Primary and High Schools are instructed to attend the schools twice in a week on Monday and Thursday from July 13.

The TV lessons to be conducted in Sapthagiri channel will be telecasted for the benefit of the students across the State and all the Headmasters instructed to ensure TVs at the schools. After the telecast of the classes on the TV channel, the concerned faculty will explain the concepts and clear the doubts of the students.

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