No Schools to be Closed in Telangana

Hyderabad: No school will be closed due to the rationalisation of teacher posts and staff in the Government, Zilla Parishad and Mandal Praja Parishad Schools in the State. Accordingly, the State government has issued guidelines for the rationalisation process.

As per the guidelines, one Secondary Grade Teacher (SGT) post has been proposed for enrollments of 0 to 19 slab in the primary schools so as to prevent their closure for want of staff. The primary schools will be ensured at least one regular teacher. For enrollments between 361-400, these schools will have 11 posts including 10 SGT and one headmaster.

Further, the primary schools with 151 students and above will have a headmaster post and whereas for the schools with a strength of 150 and below, the low female literacy HM posts will be adjusted against the SGT posts.

In the case of upper primary schools with classes I to VII/VIII, the same primary school staff pattern will be followed. However, the post of headmaster of the primary school, if sanctioned already, will be shifted to the needy primary school when the school is upgraded into an upper primary.

According to the guidelines, for the upper primary schools having strength up to 100, four additional subject teacher posts including one School Assistant (SA) Mathematics/Science, SA Social Studies, two Language Pandits are allotted. There will be 12 additional subject teachers-five SA Maths/Science, two SA Social Studies, one SA English, and two each LP-I and LP-II in the upper primary schools with 351-385 students.

Further, a minimum of nine teaching posts will be provided in the high schools with enrolment up to 220 students, while the high schools with 1,181 to 1,210 will have 45 teaching staff members.

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