Summer Arrangements At Animal Enclosures In Nehru Zoological Park

Note On Summer Arrangements At Animal Enclosures In Nehru Zoological Park

Hyderabad, March 29 (Maxim News): Summer arrangements and precautionary measures to prevent summer (Sun) stroke and summer stress to the zoo wild animals, birds and reptiles from March to mid- June of 2020 are being taken up along with health care and protection measures.

Sprinklers and small rain guns have been installed in all animal enclosures.

Foggers (Mist like falling of water) are installed in all the enclosures.

Thunga grass is placed over the roof of few enclosures.

More than 50 air coolers are erected in animal enclosures like Chimpanzee, Monkeys, Tigers, Lions, Jaguars, Cheetah and Leopards.

Air conditioners and exhaust fans has been installed in the Nocturnal Animal House.

Shady shelters had been provided to all the herbivore enclosures.

Summer seasonal fruits like Water melon, Musk melon and citrus variety fruits are given to all apes, monkeys primates, birds and bears.

Ample protected drinking water is being provided to all animal houses from time to time to avoid dehydration.

Glucon-D, Electral Powder, Vitamin -C supplements, B_Complex supplements and thermocare liquid is dissolved in water and given to the animals and birds to avoid summer stress.

80% of the enclosures surroundings like windows, ventilators and doors are covered with Kashkash thattis, Gunny cloths to avoid direct sunlight exposure on the animals . At least 3 to 4 times watering is being done on the kashkash thattis and thunga grass to avoid summer heat.

All animal keepers, Head animal keepers, park Supervisors are taking up preventive steps from time to time to avoid summer stress to the wild animals.

Green shade nets are placed over the roof of the bird’s enclosures, windows doors of the night houses as per the requirement.

Water troughs are kept at various places in the zoo to provide drinking water for the free ranging animals and birds, N. Kshitija, Curator, Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad along with G.Gynaneshwar, Asst.Curator-1, Anitha, Dy.R.O took stock of the arrangements and instructed the animal keepers to put a constant vigil on the health of the animals and birds, a communique said. (Maxim News)

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